Thailand by courtney bell

area-513,155 sq km

capital- Bangkok

population-66.7 million

Terrian- densely populated in the central plane, NE plateu, mountain ranges in the west

climate- tropical monsoon


religion- 94% Buddhist, 12% have chinese heritage

literacy- male 94.9%, female-90.5%

founded in 1238

king- Bhumibol Adulyadej

GDP-$326.6 Billion

unemployment rate- 1.0% of total labor force

Natural resources- tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten,tantalum, timber, lead, fish, and many others

agriculture- 12% GPD products, rice, rubber, tapioca, corn, sugar cane, coconuts, and soybeans

sports- boxing, boat racing, sword and pole fighting, soccer


plants- bamboo,many different types of trees, and the savanna and monsoon forest

animals- elephants, rhinocerous, tiger, leapord, guar, water buffalo, and gibbon


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