Stones On A Grave By: jordan ross

For my reading response this month, I chose to read fifteen chapters of the book, Stones On A Grave by Kathy Kacer. Yet again, this is another book from the orphanage series.


My book, Stones On A Grave, Is about a teenage girl named Sara. Unfortunately, Sara's orphanage burns down after a harsh fire, and soon do the girls discover that their matron Mrs. Hazelton, can no longer look after the seven teenage orphans. With this being said, all the girls must go their separate ways to find their parents. Sara soon discovers she was from a Jewish background, and heads to Germany to try to find her parents. Before she had left, she was given her birth certificate to try and help her on her parent finding journey. After much research on Jewish people in the past, she was able to find out more about the concentration camps, and the doctors that cured Sara when she had tuberculosis as a baby. When she arrived in Germany, she decided to check the doctors office where she had been cured to find out if the doctor had known anything about where her mother is now. When she was at the office, she met a boy named Peter who soon becomes very helpful to Sara. But unlike Peter, the doctor did not want to talk about the past and neither did the townspeople. While she was in Germany, she stayed in a lovely little inn, ran by a sweet old lady named Frau Klein. Days later, she goes dour to door trying to find out if anyone remembers her mother. But much like the doctor, they did not want to talk.

Likes and Dislikes

I thoroughly enjoyed this book so far because it has many interesting plot twists. For example, just when you think something good is going to happen to Sara after all shes been through, Frau Klein's dog passes away making Sara very sad. Another reason I enjoyed this book was because of all the characters personalities. I enjoyed learning about Sara's personality changing from shy to responsible and brave. For example, in the beginning of the book, Sara was nervous and scared to leave the orphanage and to talk to people she does not know. But now she is not afraid to tell anyone off or to tell how she feels. I do not have any dislikes for this book.


In the fifteen chapters I read, I had two connections. My first connection I had was text-to-text connection about my book and “Making Bombs For Hitler”. I can connect my book to “Making Bombs For Hitler” because, they had both talked about how horribly Jewish people were treated by the nasty man we know as, Adolf Hitler. I can also connect this book to my book because, when Peter was explaining why the townspeople did not want to talk about the past, he talked about how families were split, and even children of young ages were put to work in camps. That passage made me have a connection to “Making Bombs For Hitler” and reminded me of that book because, Lida and her sister had also been taken away to go work for Hitler just like the many other kids that Peter was referencing to. My second connection I had was a text-to-self connection. This connection was when Sara was researching Jewish people and the history of Adolf Hitler, it reminded me also of when I was reading, “ Making Bombs For Hitler”, and how I had to do some research to find out more of how Hitler treated Jewish people. I think me and Sara would have been feeling the same emotions of grief and disgust that I had been feeling whilst I was researching and finding out how people in the past were treated.


During this book, I had a couple of questions. Will Mrs. Hazelton recover from her sickness and the fire?

Will the seven orphan girls reunite someday in the future

Why did the townspeople not talk about the past?

Why is the doctor so hesitant on his answers? Is he hiding something?

How long did Sara and her mother have tuberculosis for?

Does Dr. Pearlman remember Sara’s mother?

Where might Frau Klein be?

Will Peter be more helpful than the doctor in this book?

Interesting Passages

While I was reading this book I came across four interesting passages. The first passage I

had came across was on page forty five, when it explains Sara’s birth certificate and past doctors and background information. I enjoyed this passage because it let me know a little bit more about Sara and where she came from and it also let me know more about her mother. The second passage I came across was on page sixty two when Sara apologized to Malou. I found this passage interesting because, it showed Sara has a soft heart and that she does care about her friends. I also found this passage interesting because, even though what she was apologizing for was not her fault, she still felt bad and took the blame.. The third passage I came across was on page seventy five when Joe was telling Sara about how he would stay with Mrs. Hazelton to make sure she is okay. I enjoyed this passage because it gave me reassurance that somebody would be there for Mrs.Hazelton, and that somebody would keep her company. The last passage I came across was on page one hundred and seven when Frau Klein's dog, John Wayne, showed affection to Sara at the breakfast table. I enjoyed this passage because it reminded me of when my Oma’s old golden retriever dog Duke, would come over to me whilst I was eating at the table, and how he used to lick me hand, just like John Wayne had done to Sara.


During this book, I made two inferences in which I will share. I infer that Dr. Pearlman knows and remembers Sara's mother. I can infer this because, before Sara had given Dr. Pearlman her birth certificate, he looked like he was willing to help her. But when she hands him her birth certificate, he seems shocked and no longer seems so helpful. I can also infer this because, when he said none of the towns people like to talk about the past or their past friends or loved ones, it leads me to the conclusion that he may have known Sara's mother but, he does not like talking about the past or his past friends. My second inference is, I can infer that Sara will stop at nothing to find her mother. I can infer this because, she has gone from living in a small town, to a country where she does not know anyone and she does not know the language just to find her mother. In my opinion, that seems like dedication and bravery to go into a strange country not knowing anyone and being alone. I can also infer this because when Sara was in Germany, she knocked on every persons door asking if they knew her mother, knowing that she will be rejected almost every time.


I predict in the next chapter that Sara will end up getting some information out of Peter on Dr. Pearlman or, Dr. Pearlman will start to help her. I predict this because, Sara has been unlucky in many of situations where she is trying to find her parents so, I am predicting that like many other books in this series, something good will happen to Sara. For example, in the last book I had read in this series, Tess had been very unfortunate with finding information but, she ends up finding all the information she needs. I also predict that Frau Klein may get another dog like John Wayne. I predict this because, knowing how much she loved John Wanye, it leads me to the conclusion that she may want another dog to keep her company. I also predict this because, knowing how I would not be happy without my dog Caramel and how I would want another dog like her, it makes me think that she will want another dog as well.

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