Suicide Both sides of this killer to YOUR teens and ADULTS

Imagine walking into school have the teacher tell to go to the principal’s office. You know you did nothing wrong but when you walk in you see your best friend’s parents crying. Confused you sit down. Your principal hands you a note and gives you the devastating news that your friend has committed suicide. That would suck right? We can stop it and make sure no one goes through that horrible moment and feeling.

Depression is a key factor in suicide, depression has many symptoms that include:feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness, or hopelessness. Have angry outburst, lost of interest in things they usually enjoy, sleep disturbances, lack of energy, change of appetite, anxiety, slowed thinking, feelings of worthlessness, trouble thinking, frequent or recurrent thoughts of suicide.

Many parents or guardians of teens who are going through depression do not put in the factors of suicidal thoughts. Which include, one or more suicide attempts, family history of mental illness or substance abuse, family history of suicide, family violence, physical or sexual abuse, exposure to suicidal behavior, and keeping firearms at home.

These symptoms many people don't notice until it's too late. Teens and adults may be going through depression because of family history or abuse, this is why people need to be more aware of how these symptoms affect the victim and everyone around.

Guns are supposedly one of the most of the effective methods of suicide. “One of the most often achieved forms of suicide is by gunshot. Generally a head shot is desired since its results are 99 percent effective” (Top 10 common methods of suicide).

At least 50% of suicide are from guns. The second highest suicide method is overdose. Many people know about how people overdose with pills or drugs. It is estimated that about 43, 982 people in the US commit suicide by overdosing. That is about 120 deaths per day.

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