The Adventures Of Nikki maxwell!

Written by: AlleyTude studios (Alley McLean)
Dork diaries Written by: Rachel Renée Russel

Today on AlleyTude news, Yesterday at 4:45 in the after noon, a young girl named Nikki Maxwell was banging on the studio doors. She was dying to tell us something. Apparently she ran here all the way from her house. Here is a short clip of Nikki running here and banging on the doors! (We got this footage from are security cameras.)

We let her in and she was talking as fast as the speed of light. She finally stopped and I said "Can you repeat that but this time talk 100 times slower, no actually 1000,000 times slower!"

She said "Okay" in an annoyed voice and started talking again. "So today in gym class the craziest thing happened. We were playing dodge ball and Mackenzie nailed me right in the head with a dodge ball and I blacked out for like... a long time." Then Nikki stopped talking and said "You have to put this story in the news!" I said "There's nothing good about this you just told us that you got hit in the head and blacked out!"

Nikki said "Oh I only told you that much!" I said "Yes!" And then she said "Sorry I'm still a little woozy from blacking out!" And then she started talking.

I just got back from the hospital. And we have decided to consider listening to the rest of Nikki's story, we have invited her back tonight at 6:00.

Its 6:00 and Nikki just knocked on the door! (This time she didn't bang!)

She said "Before I continue I better tell you about all of the characters and people I met on the way!"

This is Nikki Maxwell

Nikki Maxwell is the main character. She is very nice and doesn't like hurting people's feelings, and if she does it would be a accident and she would fix it. She is 12 years old. Nikki is also very dorky.

This is Mackenzie Hollister

Mackenzie Hollister is the mean girl. She always makes people feel bad about there selfs and she doesn't care. She goes behind peoples backs. She always takes opportunitys away from people. And makes sure people don't have a good day. She especially does all this stuff to Nikki.

This is Brandon

Brandon is Nikki's crush. Brandon likes Nikki back but there to scared to tell each other. Brandon and Nikki get together at the end of the book. Mackenzie likes Brandon too but Brandon doesn't like Mackenzie back, and when ever Nikki tries to talk to Brandon Mackenzie gets in the way of it.

This is Chloe

Chloe is one of Nikki's 2 bffs (Best Friends Forver!) Chloe is always there for Nikki no matter what and if they get into a fight they always talk it out and work through it.

This is Zoey

Zoey is Nikki's other bff they are a group of 3 and they do everything together! They don't leave anyone out or anyone behind. Zoey is the shyest one, Chloe is the out going one who will do anything, and Nikki is both of those things.

This is Brianna

Brianna is Nikki's younger sister. She can be annoying sometimes because she always takes Nikki's things without asking. Like her alarm clock and then Nikki always wakes up late for school. Brianna also takes Nikki's phone to play a princess sugar plum game and she drains her battery and then when Nikki needs to use her phone for school she can't becasue it's dead. But sometimes Brianna can be helpful and nice. (Sometimes.)

These are the munchkins

Nikki meets the munchkins when she first lands in fairytale land.

This is Goldilocks

Nikki meets goldilocks when she is exploring the forest.

This is Little Red Riding Hood

Nikki meets Little Red Riding Hood when she goes to a restaurant that Little Red invited Goldilocks to to have some tea.

This is Sleeping Beauty

Nikki meets Sleeping Beauty when she's at the restaurant with Goldilocks and Little Red.

This is Snow White

Nikki meets Snow White when she's at the restaurant Snow White came with Sleeping Beauty.

This is Rapunzel

Nikki meets Rapunzel when she's at the restaurant. Rapunzel also came with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

This is The Queen Of Hearts

Nikki "runs" into The Queen Of Hearts when she's looking for The Wizard Of Odd.

This is The Wizard Of Odd (Yes it's supposed to be odd)

Nikki was looking for a way home and the munchkins told Nikki to find The Wizard Of Odd and that's how they met.

When Nikki lands in fairytale land, she lands on the wicked witch of the west (Mackenzie) Mackenzie disappears with her shoes left behind. Nikki is still on the floor blacked out in fairytale land. When she wakes up she is surrounded by little kids, she thought they were the 1st graders but it turns out they were munchkins. She was still in a gym though, and it looked like her school gym. She asked the munchkins where she was and they said fairytale public school. Nikki headed for the office to call home, but when she opened the gym doors to get out it wasn't a school it was a forest.

Nikki decided to explore the forest. She started walking. After a few minutes passed she saw a house. She knocked on the door and no one answered. She knocked again and no one answered she noticed that the door was open a crack so she decide to go in. She walked in and seen 3 bowls of porage on the table. 2 of them were half full and one was gone. Then Nikki thought that she was in the 3 bears house. Next she seen 3 chairs one large one medium and one small one. Then she new for sure that she was in the 3 bears house. She noticed that the smallest chair was broken. She heard snoring coming from up stairs. Nikki walked up the stairs slowly. She went into the bedroom and seen 3 beds. One large one medium and one small. She seen someone sleeping in the smallest bed. She had blonde hair. Nikki noticed that the girl looked like her friend Chloe and it was but Chloe didn't know that it was Nikki.

Nikki tapped the girl on the shoulder and she woke up. Then Nikki new that it was Goldilocks. They both heard the front door open and shut from downstairs. Then they heard foot steps coming up the stairs they hid under the bed. And when the bears left the room they grabbed a rope and climbed out the window.

Goldilocks and Nikki walked in the forest. They came across another house but this one was alot smaller. They didn't bother knocking, they just walked right in. When they got in the house they seen a young girl about the same age as them with a basket of goodies. Her grandmother was lying in bed. The girl said "grandma you have very harry ears and eyebrows!" The grandma said "better to hear you with my dear!" And then the girl said "You have very sharp teeth!" Grandma said "Better to eat you with my dear!" Then grandma?... wait that's no grandma that's a wolf. The wolf jumped out of the bed and started chasing the girl. Nikki grabbed the wolfs tale so he couldn't run after the girl and eat her. The wolf tried to run forward but Nikki kept pulling on the tale. Then she heard a rip and the wolfs tale ripped right off. The wolf was mad and ran away into the forest.


Then Nikki realized that she was in the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood and the girl was Little Red. Little Red came back into her grandmas house and thanked Nikki. Then Little Red invited Goldilocks and Nikki for tea at a restaurant. They said "YES!" And they all started walking towards the restaurant.

Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother's house.

When they got to the restaurant they each ordered a cookie and tea. Nikki was starving so she ate hers the fastest. They headed for the restaurant doors because they were all finished but when they tried to walk out someone else walked in. It was 3 princess. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel. They all looked sad and miserable. They were complaining that there life was to easy and how they never did fun things. So Nikki said "Why don't you just go do what you want and have fun for a day?!" The princesses said "YA! Lets go!" And they went into the forest to have fun.

Nikki, Goldilocks and Little Red walked out of the restaurant. Little Red had to go home because she was just supposed to drop off goodies at her grandmothers. They waved goodbye. Then Nikki asked Goldilocks if she new anyways how she could get back to her real world. Goldilocks said "You could talk to the wizard of odd and see if he could help!" Nikki said "Ok do you have any ideas where he lives or is?" Goldilocks said "Every year there's a party at the queen of hearts castle and the wizard of odd is always there so maybe you can go to the party." Nikki said "Great idea what time is the party?" Goldilocks said "It starts in 5 minutes!" Then Nikki said "Okay thanks" and started running towards the castle.

Nikki ran inside the castle she was rushing around trying to find the Wizard of odd. She ran into a crowd of angry people. It was the queen of hearts, the 3 bears, Macnekzie and the wolf. The queen of hearts yelled at Nikki and said "You are going to be locked up for making all of these people mad!" The queen demanded the quarts to take her to the dungeon.

The queen said "It will be off with your head tomorrow!" It was the next day and Nikki was really nervous she thought for sure that it was the end of the road for her. The guard came to get Nikki from the dungeon.

When they got up stairs Nikki noticed that all of her friends that she had met in fairytale land were there. They demanded the queen to let Nikki go! But the Queen didn't listen to them. Then Goldilocks kicked the queen in the shins. The queen was very mad and everyone started fighting.

Nikki's side ended up winning! The queen of hearts and everyone that accused Nikki were locked in the dungeon and Nikki's fairy godmother turned Mackenzie into a frog.

Nikki asked her fairy godmother if she could use her magic wand to take her home. Her fairy godmother said sure and tried a spell. It didn't work and she hit her wand off the ground. On the top of the fairy godmothers wand there's a pointy star. When she hit her wand off the ground the star came up and hit Nikki in the face and she blacked out and when she woke up she was home!

The next day at school Brandon saw Nikki at her locker he went over and talked to her. They each told each other how they feel and they ended up together!


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