The Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Hamza Elmohd

NAture on Display

The exhibit that appealed to me the most was the Butterfly exhibit that included a butterfly garden. This was my favorite form of nature on display because it had real butterflies flying around and the beauty of the exhibit was portrayed through the beauty of the butterflies. The exhibit had a great design with a large open garden where butterflies roamed around freely. The exhibit also included an area that showed the progress of a worm turning into a butterfly through the many different stages of the transformation of a worm into a butterfly. I learned that butterflies can vary in many different colors depending on the diet of the worm before it becomes a butterfly. I was amazed by how many types of butterflies can exist and I enjoyed the natural feel of the butterfly garden. I liked this exhibit because it brought out nature by actually using nature unlike the sculptures and models of the other exhibits. I believe the best way to portray nature and teach people about nature is to actually envelope people in nature with living animals and plants.

Butterflies eating fruit in the butterfly garden.

Nature and ethics

While exploring the exhibits I noticed that the exhibit on hunting of animals done by the Calusa people brought up an ethical question in my head. The question that came to my mind was the ethics behind hunting animals and if we should be allowed to hunt animals and what should be done with the remains of the animals. The exhibit on the Calusa people talked about how the people hunt sharks and after they killed the animal the people would use every part of the animal in order to make sure that they would not waste anything. This exhibit portrays Leopold's view as it shows how people do not waste what is given to them and that they showed respect to the animals after they killed them. They would use all the animal out of respect and to show that its life was not taken for no reason. The rest of the museum showed me how humans and animals can live together in a more harmonious manner unlike now where humans destroy most of nature for their own means.

Me and Edwin in front of the exhibit on the Calusa people.

NAture and the human spirit

The exhibit that I was captivated by the most and that helped me step outside my normal life was the underwater exhibit. This exhibit was the most interesting in my opinion and the one that made me feel so small in comparison to the outside world. As I walked through the underwater exhibit I started to wonder how much of the oceans have we discovered. It was then that I realized that the biggest mystery was the large expansive ocean which we still haven't even truly discovered. As I saw the large animals that live all throughout the sea floor and the prehistoric sharks I realized how much of this world is unknown and the many animals that I may never see. I thought it was very interesting that their are animals I may never get to see or even know that they exist even though we live on the same planet. I always felt that because we live in such an advanced age where we are constantly discovering new things I never thought that it may take hundreds of years to discover all of the animals that live in the ocean. This exhibit sparked my curiosity more than ever and reminded me that there is still much more for us to discover.

Me and Edwin swimming through the mysterious ocean.

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