Five Photography Tricks By Kyle Bayudan

Whether you're shooting pictures on a phone or DSLR camera, here are five tricks that can help improve and make your images look more interesting.

1. Reflections

By using water, mirrors or any reflective surface, your pictures will look more eye-catching compared to normal images. Landscapes, people and different lighting can all be reflected for visual effects.

2. Panoramas

With panoramic mode on the iPhone, you can turn your phone horizontally and take pictures that way. You can also have a subject appear twice in a photo by stopping the image and taking it again.

3. Bokeh

Bokeh is the out of focus portions of an image mainly containing light. With different lenses or apps on a phone, the lighting in the background can have different shapes like in this picture adding a layer of depth.

4. Shadows

Shadows are a great way to enhance your images. When taking portraits or landscapes, be mindful of shadows as they can add different shapes or textures to the picture.

5. Editing Apps

To edit my pictures, I use an app called VSCO. VSCO is a platform where users are able to edit their pictures with different presets and filters to achieve a certain type of appearance. The app can be used to post images as well.


Kyle Bayudan