Village of Hobart local government By: John bryfczynski

Issues: 1) Request for 3 streetlights on Hilton head road. They want to make it more safe for people who cross the road.
Issue 2) They want to request a practice archery range at 4 seasons park. They want one to bring in more interest and it would be the closet one. At the moment the closest one is in Neenah, Wi
Issue 3) Placement of guardrail on boulevard curve. People want to add a guardrail, it is very necessary for safety.
Issue 4) Hemlock creek subdivision. Half of this subdivision is in the town of Lawrence, while the other half is in Hobart. Their plan is to combine both sewers and water pipes.
Issue 5) Recycling collection agreement. They want to get new recycling and garbage bins that will get picked up weekly with a ten year agreement to fix them when needed.

Issue : Hemlock Creek subdivision. Half of the subdivision is in The town of Hobart, and the other half is in the town of Lawrence. They plan to connect the sewer and water pipe lines. Right now, they want to expand the subdivision(New water, and Hobart). I agree with how they are handling this. I agree and hope that they combine this subdivision into one town either Hobart or Lawrence, or they atleast combine the pipes so you don't have to get your water from one town and sewer from the other.

  • Here is the local municipal court of Hobart,WI
  • 2990 S. Pine Tree Road
  • Village Website/contact page/source page:


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