Chapter 5 by Alex tingle

I chose this photo as my favorite one because I really like how much texture there is and I like the contrast between the converse and the jeans.

The bottom photo is the original and the top photo is the edited version. I thought that the original was cool, but I think it needed some work, so, I used the soft light and multiply layer modes and a NIK filters to bring out some shades and colors that were hidden before.

The bottom photo is the original and the top photo is the edited one. I really like how it turned out. The little specs of color in the asphalt really pop and it grabs attention. With the layer modes and NIK filter that I added it brings out texture that wasn't there before.

This trash bin is very symmetrical. The lines are the exact same on either side.

The bottom of the recycling bin is symmetrical. There are four holes in each quadrant and all of the quadrants meet in the center.

This photo makes me annoyed every time I look at it because the line misses the wall by about two inches and it is very asymmetrical.

This photo also frustrates me, as you can tell I like when photos are symmetrical. There are 3 dots on each side of the oval but not on the left side. ):

I chose Markus Meier a photographer from Zurich as my influential photographer. His technique is tog get bright scenes and turn them black and white, most of his photos are more bright than dark. The top left photo is of people walking on the street in Zurich, but it is taken from an entrance to a building, I think the shades of darkness and light in the photo are very cool. in the top right photo I love the trees and the mountains in the background. In the middle left photo I like the snowboarder in the foreground and the vast sea of white pinnacles in the background. the middle right photo is the same idea as the last one but. it is a different place or angle and there are more people in the distance, I threw in an extra photo just because I thought that the man looked cool because of the way he was in motion. normally i,age blur from motion doesn't look very attractive but in this photo it looks great.
For my theme I took pictures of plants in the dark, It helped me practice with nigh time photography and plant life photography.
This is my favorite photo from the contact sheet, I like it because the grass is very light in the center but as it gets far away from the center it gets slowly darker and darker.

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