Sacred Religions Faith between Religions

December 8th 2016 I arrived in the hindu temple badrinath after flying to india and traversing the himalayas to arrive here.

At the badrinath temple I found a black stone image of Badrinarayan a sacred god of the Hindu religion. during my visit at the temple I found tourists and hindus all came to visit this area. hindus prayers taking place and sacred traditions including the religious pilgrimage in the area.

December 10th I made my way to the country of Nepal and visited the Buddhist pilgrimage site lumbini which was the birthplace of buddha.

During my visit at lumbini I found other buddhist visitors praising the ancient site, the site of their prophets birthplace is truly extraordinary with buddhist monks performing their practices at the temples of lumbini. The temple was seen by tourists such as myself and other buddhists looking to see the site of where there prophets were born

December 13th we arrive in Jerusalem

December 14th we head to the Islamic temple Al-Aqsa Mosque where we see the muslim population visiting the site to learn further about muhammad and allah in person and visit with other muslim groups and families.

December 15th we arrive at the jewish Western Wall The Temple Mount. At this site we see jewish tourists joining together in celibration through the past of the jewish religion.

December 18th i visit the christian site bethlehem, the birth site of jesus christ. Christians come to this site to see the history of the bible, And put the pages on the bible into reality.


Created with images by The Stonehenge Stone Circle Website. - "Stonehenge-sunrise-access-2013 (40)" • Koshyk - "Surajkund Fair" • taylorandayumi - "Lumbini" • u07ch - "Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque Dome of the ROck" • - "Jerusalem, Israel - Western Wall - Mur des lamentations - Mur occidental - Photo image picture" • Jean & Nathalie - "Betlehem: Church of the Nativity"

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