Good Life Harn Museum By: Shannon Kelly

Photo taken by me outside the Museum

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Arts

After walking around the museum for a while, I ran into this painting. I really loved the landscape and all the natural tones. It makes me feel as though I am at home. Moving to this university from New York and starting a new life has been demanding on my should. The beautiful landscape brought me back to the comfort of my home. It soothed my anxiety and reminded me that home is where the heart is

Photo taken by me inside the museum

Design of the Museum

Photo taken by me in the museum

While walking through the museum, I first noticed all the natural light flowing through the glass windows. I also noticed all the smells of the different artworks. The smells and the light was very intriguing and welcoming. When I walked outside into the garden, I listened to the sounds of the water. The sounds were very calming and I noticed all my stress from school was gone.

Art and Core Values

Photo taken by me in the museum

All the artwork makes me think about the core values of community, competition, health, and pleasure. In addition, it made me value the joy my friends and family bring me.

Photo taken by me outside the museum

Art and the Good Life

The Good Life theme that I found throughout the museum is the pursuit of it in relation to beauty. In the "Embodying" module, we learned the flaws that are a part of life. You must be accepting, strong and proud of the person you are and the person you want to be. With that said, there is so much more than appearances in life. We are all people of the same earth, despite our differences.

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