Hercules and two of his labours

one nice and sunny day, Hercules was hunting a deer.
He pulled the string of his bow and...
Passed out from magic from his mom Hera and got Hercules really mad at his wife and son. Hera is mad at Hercules' dad Zeus. Hera is mad a Zeus because Zeus mated with lots of Human females and one gave birth to Hercules.
Then he woke up the next day...
and got really mad at his wife and son.
Then killed them with his club then went to...
Mount Olympus to ask the gods for forgiveness the gods said to serve Eurystheus and Eurystheus told Hercules to do 12 labors
The first labor is hydra. Hercules cut one off the beast's heads of and it grue two more. Hercules hacked and hacked at the beast but it just wouldn't die so Hercules burnt the cuts where Hercules sliced the hydras head of so it wouldn't grow more heads. Then Hercules Killed the beast.
The second labor is cerberus so Hercules asked hades for cerberus. hades said if Hercules made Cerberus submit with no weapons he could take him. so Hercules (somehow) choked all three heads at once, then after a minute Cerberus submitted.
Then Hercules took Cerberus to Eurystheus, and he was all done then the gods forgave Hercules
Created By
Ethan Kraemer


Created with images by Security - "hercules statue greek ancient" • diego_torres - "deer animal richmond" • андрій мельничук - "Magic" • Argyleist - "Oh Mighty Mount Olympus"

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