Pre-Hispanic City And National Park of Palenque

The Pre-Hispanic City and National Park Of Palenque is a park in Mexico located in the state of Chipas , Which was once a Maya city in southern Mexico that developed throughout the 7th century, Palenque is a medium sized site that is smaller than any other sites in Mexico.The Palenque describes some of its finest architecture ,sculpture,roof comb and has a bas-relief carvings that the Mayas produced.Much of the history in Palenque have been reconstructed from readings the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the many monuments

Brief View Of Palenque.

The Pre-Hispanic City and National Park Of Palenque Significance are their cultural backgrounds which have a good significance of the elegance and craftsmanship of the buildings there are many more to learn about the significance of the Pre -Hispanic City and National Park Of Palenque ,which is involving their bas-relief carvings’ throughout the park. The famous structure of Palenque that we know today probably represent a rebuilding process the city of Palenque was attacked by the city of Calakmul which lead to a rebuilding process. The main focus on Palenque rebuilding process was to remake their city’s art and architecture.

3-d picture of their Bas Relief Carvings.

If Palenque was not being protected the right way or getting checked on each day by people or visitors the park would decompose by the forest around it .The National Park Of Palenque would be badly affected by decomposition.Which means the National Park Of Palenque famous structure would not be the same no more,their pictures and creations would all be gone because of the decomposition that is being transformed .

The forest that surrounds Palenque.

In order to get to the city of Palenque you would first fly into Mexico CIty , once you get to Mexico City you could take a day tour which will then take you to the city of Palenque .

Where Palenque is located.

Palenque is a very outstanding nice place to visit they have very nice buildings, paintings, and a very interesting historical background. The city of Palenque has inspired me the most to travel.I like the way how many people in the city of Palenque are very concerned about their city’s park ,this shows me that they do not to take the park for granted they is respecting their culture and history .This could play a huge role in our lifestyles by us just taking care of our city and personal belongings.

Magnificent view of Palenque.
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