Most Amazing Organism On Earth: Panda By: Chanta cooper

Panda bears are native to south central China. It is recognized by its black patches around the eyes, over the ears and around its body.

Known as Panda bear, panda or giant panda.
99% of a pandas diet is bamboo

A pandas life span is 20 years in the wild and 30 years in captivity. They run up to 20 mph. Pandas don't hunt for anything. Pandas only attack when they're angry or if someone takes a picture beside it at the zoo or feed it, etc. Pandas doesn't really face predators.

New born pandas weight less than a iphone

Pandas are endangered

Panda researches have to wear panda costumes to work with cubs

All pandas are on loan from China

More than 60% of male pandas desire no sexually desire at all. Female pandas are only fertile 3 days a year. Pandas attract by urinating and rubbing against a tree. Females scent attract their mate.

They live in the forest where there is bamboo for them to eat.

The body length of a panda is 120-180 cm. Their shoulder height is 54-81 cm, hip height 52-77 cm, and hind leg length is 12-20 cm. They have cat-like eyes, strong teeth, 5 fingers and 1 thumb.

Pandas have lived for 2-3 million years. When baby pandas are born they are shipped by FedEx to China to expand gene pool. A huge panda needs 2.5-4 sq miles of land to survive.

Poop up to 40 times a year


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