Capital: Madrid

Three Major Cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia

150 airports with paved runways

16,101.5 kilometers of railroads

683,175 kilometers of paved roadways

10,481 kilometers of gas pipelines, 616 kilometers of oil pipelines, 3,461 kilometers of refined products pipeline

24 billion kWh of electricity production (14th in world)

234 billion kWh of electricity consumption (15th in world)

Population: 47,042,984
Language: Spanish
Major Occupations: agriculture, industry, and services
Unemployment Rate: 22.1%


Country's greeting: Greet the eldest person first with handshake, then hug, then kiss on the cheek

Popular Foods: Gazpacho Tortilla de Patatas, Seafood paella, Tapas.
Religions: Catholic, Islam, Protestantism, Judaism, and hinduism.
Different Types of Art: Ancient Iberia, Early Medieval, Painting, Romanesque, Gothic, Early Renaissance, Sculpture any many more.
Mantilla- The mantilla is a traditional Spanish veil piece that is often worn during religious celebrations such as Spanish weddings
Peineta: The peineta is a large decorative comb placed in the hair to hold up the mantilla.

Gender Roles: Men respect their wives, yet the wives must obey their husband. They usually take care of children and chores at home without any help.

Mothers of newborn could take up to three months of maternity leave free of obligations to work , if they so desired.

Multinational Corporations: Abengoa, Abertis, Acciona, Grupo ACS, Grupo Antonin.


this is a Spanish multinational corporation, which includes companies in the domains of energy, telecommunications, transportation, and the environment.

Located in the USA, Spain, and Latin America

Wouldn't let me insert an image of the Abengoa logo, but the log is the name in all caps with orange font.


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