March Fun Sherwood Heights

We had a Spirit Week celebrating the silliness of Dr. Suess and his books. Students dressed the part each day. Dr. Seuss Night was a huge success with several hundred children and their families, stopping by Sherwood for fun, games, story time, snacks, and events. Students participated in a number of games winning prizes and collecting stamps on their passport, when the evening was over, all students had free books and a book mark to cap off the event.

Loads of fun for everyone!

Teachers participated in a day long in-service with training and supports for meeting the individual needs of their students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. Teachers met as a whole group to discuss strategies to enhance their instructional practices and refine how they are addressing skill deficits in particular classes, grades and individuals.

Students participated in the dental sealant program. Students were signed up by parents to receive free sealants. The staff that came to school to work with our kids did a wonderful job in taking care of the students, especially those who were concerned or frightened by the process.

Spring Break starts next Monday and students are celebrating the coming of Spring with a Tropical themed spirit day, prior to break. Pictures to come!

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