What's so special about THE HARN MUSEUM OF ART

I began my trip to the Harn Museum of Art by visiting the piece "Ode a l'Oubli" by Louise Bourgeois. The piece is a collection of "hand-sewn and stitched cloth with lithography." Seeing it in person was truly amazing, and one can't appreciate the elegance of the art if not in person. Seeing the cloth creates a deeper appreciate for the work and more respect for the artist.

Exhibition Hall, home of the contemporary art of the museum, caught my eye because the open design with obstacles lends to the idea of how our modern world is filled with many obstacles despite it looking so open and full of opportunities. The lighting and color of the room I found to be particularly pleasing, and matches the theme of all the art.

I sure do look small!

I can't quite pinpoint the derivation for my impression of this piece, but when I look at "Street Scene, Market Place" by Jonas Lie I evoke strong feeling for my family. I don't know if that was the intention of the artist, yet this oil painting really connects with a personal core value of mine.

"Standing Nude Woman", an illustration in Ovid, L'art d'aimer by Aristide Maillol made me immediately thing of the Embodying the Good Life module. I believe the piece calls into question what we identify as beautiful, and almost causes us to be wary of doing so. This is done through the woman portrayed in realistic and uncommon body dimensions.

Overall, the Harn Museum was a fun experience, one I shared with a good friend. Museums expose people to art that can be truly a profound experience for people. What makes them even more majestical is the fact that they can be shared with friends and strangers. Art allows people to analyze and explore concepts that further their understanding of the good life.

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