fastback beach by shirlee smith MATHESON

main characters

  • Miles-gets one hundred hours of community service
  • Larry-Miles's best friend
  • Spider-thug
  • Mackenzie(Kenny)-miles's girlfriend


Spider, Larry and Miles start to jump-start a convertible mustang and after the get the car to run they get away with it and they go for a joy ride the boys start driving really fast till Miles yells STOP and Larry slams on the brakes want miles goes flying and hits his head on the dashboard and gets knocked out. miles ends up in court and he pleads himself guilty he gets a probation of ninety days and also get one hundred hours of community service he starts to remember how he and his girlfriend Kenny they met in shop class and how he played football and she was a football player and she even g ve him a special cheer . The next thing that happens is that miles meets his probation officer Ms. Kirkpatrick he gets his assignment for his one hundred hours of community service and to be there ON time and that she will get a call that he got there. the next day miles is an hour late to the place that he has to be at an Ms. Kirkpatrick and she comes and picks up miles see sees that she has a black mercies and is very interested in how she can afford a car like that they finally get to the house that they needed to be at an hour ago they meet the Barnier’ s they are an older married couple and they start to ask Miles questions about what he likes to do and what hes good at. so miles said that he is good at fixing things like appliances they the Barnier’ s make start with sorting out boxes full of magazines then Mr. Barnier starts to talk about the cars in the magazines and miles talks about his dad after miles leaves and go's home he sees his moms boyfriend Jeff and they want to talk to Miles about something important over dinner but they can't say anything to him at home but miles refuses to go anyware and calls up larry to pick him up. they go an A&W Larry starts talking but miles gets distracted thinking about MR. Barnier’ mags Miles talks to Larry about to the mags and he might have a hot-rod/Larry wants to steal the car for parts and miles gets mad and said Not to do that They go pick up Kenny to go to a party and mile talks to Mr. Morash (ace) kennys dad They see spider at the party and miles follows him outside they get into an argument Miles punches spider and he pulls out a knife but miles punches him again and the knife go's flying and everyone at the party go's to fight but miles and kenny walk away but spider said "Your dead kid know what i mean" miles picks up the pocket knife and throws it in the river the next day Ned tells and show miles about his hot rod and if he wants to help him fix it up Miles starts to scan the and look around the car to see all the parts and that when his hundred hours are over they can work on the car miles go's home but • Miles argues with Jeff about his mom He runs and stops a Darry queen and calls Larry He tells Larry about the rod that Ned has and the summer job miles and Larry argue and larry kicks miles out of his car the next day miles go's to the barniers home and finds out that his hundred hours are almost over Ms. Kirkpatrick’s car was stolen and miles thinks it was Larry and he starts feeling sick and they take him home than After the hundred hours’ mile and Ned start working on the hot rod Miles is so pumped to work on the car they have to be very careful with the car and parts They start to talk about Kenny and Miles’s dad and kenny's dad in school the next day Miles and Kenny are going to shop class and Larry pulls up to pick up miles but they are working on the hot rod so he can’t Larry stays with them to see the hot rod and asks how much each piece is and gets interested and miles does not like the look on Larry's face the next day miles was wating for Mr.barnier to pick him up but found out that Ned’s car was stolen and they can’t find it the police ask miles some questions Miles is very mad and upset and thinks it was Larry. so first Miles apologizes to his mom for all the troubles and he wants to go the fast back beach They said yes and then Kenny jumps out of her moms car and already knows what happened and go’s with miles and they see the car doing donuts in the sand and people around it cheering. miles hits the gas and drifts in the sand and kenny flys out of the car and gets hurt and all the people that were watching the car go to where kenny is and helps her than all of a sudden miles punches larry in the nose and Spider tackles him and two people pull them apart miles and they start to argue and than miles's mom and the barniers pull up at the beach and go strate to the car the damage was minimal and they call the police and they handcuff Larry and Spider take them away and Mr. barnier and miles drive away in the car


Created with images by Conanil - "Crab view" • Noodles and Beef - "Thug Dylan" • jonas_foyn - "Mr. Awesome" • televisione - "Apple avvia la produzione della sua prima Serie Tv e lancia la sfida a Netflix" • AdinaVoicu - "girl lavender flowers"

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