Double Victory (Mexican-Americans and Labor) by Jossias & Justin

Similarities: 1) Bracero Program put Mexicans into the workforce for the U.S.

2) Hispanic women worked at the homefront as nurses, airplane builders, ammunition manufacturers, etc.

3) Both Mexican-Americans and other laborers migrated to the U.S. in search of job opportunities.

4) Both Mexican-American laborers and other colored laborers were discriminated against by white people.

Differences: 1) Many Mexican-Americans participated in the war efforts(i.e fighting on the frontlines).

2) Compared to white laborers, Mexican-American laborers were often treated worse. Working conditions weren't as safe, and payment wasn't as high.

3) Mexican-Americans were the victims of the Zoot Suit Riots.

Do it for your country!

Equality and justice for all!

During this time, Mexican-Americans were often discriminated and abused(as evident during the Zoot Suit Riots). In response to the riots, many Mexican-Americans fought back and resisted the oppression. They contributed to the war efforts through fighting on the frontlines, as well as supporting at the homefront.

Analysis: We think that Mexican-Americans should've been acknowledged/respected for their efforts in supporting/participating in the war. The Zoot Suit Riots were horrendous and unnecessary acts of racial violence.

Mainly laborers of color and female workers were treated unfairly. Such treatments include lower wages, harsh conditions, etc. To respond to this, laborers would go on union strikes. They contributed to the war efforts through manufacturing war necessities(i.e. ammunition, weapons, vehicles, etc.).

Analysis: Laborers were vital for the progression of WW2. They helped produced materials necessary for the U.S. to continue the fight abroad. As men went off to fight in the war, women became crucial in the work force.

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