The Journey to being Hootsuite Certified Lacee Crail

The Beginning

I was first introduced to Hootsuite when I was the social media intern for Kentucky Living Magazine. I learned through a YouTube video and knew the very basics, but I am now certified and can better use the product for branding myself, future jobs and engagements.

Opening the door to Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers many tools and ways to achieve success in social media. I enjoyed utilizing the program to better understand monitoring, listening, campaigns and assigning roles to other employees. Listening and monitoring allows for better understanding of what is working and what is not for a campaign or company. It also displays Key Performance Indicators and tracks comments and engagement. I found that assigning tasks to employees allows for smoother communication and consistency in monitoring and listening.

Favorite Take away

With working with the Louisville Bats for our social media project, I found the campaigns lesson useful and very applicable to our project. The campaigns function allows you to establish a campaign, choose colors close to your brands, decide what data to collect from customers and preview it. Ensuring everything looks perfect before it is launched. Even beyond the Louisville Bats project, this tool is useful for future projects.

I also enjoyed that the program videos offer "Common Mistakes", I found this very useful and helped my understanding of being aware of what not to do when using the tool.

Favorite Topic

I enjoyed learning about content calendars and how to bulk upload content. That is very useful when promoting content on multiple social media accounts. Pre-scheduling content, keeps us from constantly logging on to post content, allowing us to shift out focus to other parts of the project. With using multiple platforms for our project, this function will streamline our pregame content.

Benefits and uses of Hootsuite

The program is easy to use and understand. I enjoyed the multitude of features available and the easy access to multiple platforms. Employers can split tasks among employees, review content and create reports to be shared with management and used for understanding business goals. This cuts down on the hassle of navigating multiple platforms analytics.

Making Hootsuite Better

I cannot personally think of any improvements, Hootsuite has a lot to offer and is a great tool.

Spreading the Joy

I would highly recommend this program to others. The program is easy to use, has lots of tools and is a worthy investment for personal and professional use. Being certified in this program helps in growing yourself personally and professionally. This would also improve social media for businesses.

The Future of Hootsuite

I plan to use this program for my personal use in growing my personal brand and as a tool to be used for future employment. I also plan to utilize Hootsuite as a resource for future employers to use.

Lacee Crail

Thank you Hootsuite for your wonderful product! Thank you Dr. Freberg for assigning this project and for encouraging us to be Hootsuite certified to further our careers and Thank you for checking out my page!

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Lacee Crail


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