What it's Like Working at Fear Columbus By: Lauren Gulden and Zach Colombini

Before a haunt!
A picture from a photo shoot at DACC

Mal Lewis is a Senior at DACC (Delaware Area Career Center) who specializes in the digital design program. She is very intrigued by the special effects world which is one reason why she applied to work at Fear Columbus.

One of Mal's many projects
"My childhood best friend loved to scare me, she always had us watching scary movies. It wasn't until I was older that I began to appreciate art and self expression. When she passed away a few years ago, I felt a much stronger connection to that "scared" feeling. . . I saw the beauty in making people's stomachs turn and skin crawl!" -Lewis

Once Mal applied to work at the haunted house in June, the audition and interview project was simple and fun. She was set and ready to become the monster she's always wanted to play in the fall season. Lewis shines some light on what a normal work shift may look like;

". . . Once we are dressed, we get in line to get all bloodied up and gross! We can then hangout in the lounge with each other and get hyped up for the night! We have a hype circle where we pass around a rubber chicken and take turns getting down to the night's hype playlist. It's definitely my favorite part of the night because what's funnier than monsters shaking it?"
Mal in one of her many costumes and special effects make-up

Fear Columbus is also great at making sure the actors are safe during the scaring shifts. As expected, the atmosphere is loud, flashy, and scary! It is incredibly easy to lose your voice and hurt yourself if you're not prepared for the night of scaring; "We have performance leads who come around and check on us throughout the night and bring us water, tell us when our break starts, and make sure the house is running smoothly!"

If you have a passion for performance and don't mind being soaked in blood, Fear Columbus may be the job for you!

Wanna be scared by Mal? click on this link! (Before they're all sold out!)