Nurse Shark Alexis Webster and Olivia benton

Real name is, Ginglymostoma Cirratum means curled hinged mouth

5 Interesting Behaviors/ Adaptations

  • Nurse Sharks can remain motionless while resting on the sea floor by facing against the flow of water and pumping the water through their mouths and gills.
  • Slow and sluggish movement, the are non-migratory and adapt to colder water temperatures by decreasing activity level.
  • During the day they stay in groups up to 40 for protection purposes, at night they are more active and alone. Nocturnal.
  • Suction feeding, feeds by sucking prey into the mouth, it helps extracts the prey that is hiding.
  • Two barbells in between nostrils to help detect prey.

Human Interaction

  • This are not typically hunted by commercial fishers or for sport fishing.
  • Some small operations capture this fish for its skin, which is used in high quality leathers.
  • Their liver is also harvested for certain types of oils.
  • Due to their relatively slow speeds, they are very easy to catch.
  • Threat to humans is minimal. Few attacks recorded, only one was unprovoked, none were fatal.

N is for Nurse Shark but also Nocturnal


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