Exploration 1 Austin Ober

Research Idea 1: How do movies influence the way we perceive other cultures and create stereotypes about people from different ethnic backgrounds? What kinds of effects have we seen in society especially in times of conflict or war?

Movies have had a large impact in the portrayl of many cultures with many being very negative in times of war and demonizing the enemy. I would like to study how film has moved away from this and if film could actually be used to end violence and discrimination to other cultures and ethnicities

Research Idea 2: what factors and knowledge of the human brain and behavior goes into making a movie scary and/or suspenseful? How does watching a really good scary movie make us seem like its actually our life on the line and audiences wanting to shout to the characters "RUN AWAY!"

I think scary movies are very entertaining to watch. I believe there are many aspects directors have to implement in their movies to make a movie scary like the lighting, suspense, music, and an understanding what people think is scary. I think knowing and understanding what makes us sit by the ends of our seats in a horror movie can tell us a great deal about human nature and a little about ourselves.

Research idea 3: where did the belief arise that clowns where stereotyped as creepy and unsettling? In popular media today we almost never see a clown given a positive or heroic role and delving deep into this topic might shed some light on that question.

The happy care free clown that would cheer us up or entertain us at our birthday party has turned into a nightmare in modern media today. I also would want to analyze this stereotype many people have and how it might have affected carnivals or people who professionally clown. could we ever reverse such a negative way of thinking about the jolly nature of the clown?


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