The Time of Good feeling a growing sense of nationhood

The Revolutionary War has just ended and people are becoming more unified as a nation they no longer call themselves New Yorkers or Virginians, they call themselves Americans and they are proud of it too. The defeat of the British in the states made it so that the Americans could expand and make changes to their government and make their own rules and don't have to listen to a monarchs that rule them like dogs. They are free here and that brings with it a sense of unity and the American identity was born. The era that they are now living in is commonly referred to as "The era of good feelings."

The Development of a New Nation

Every new country needs to develop and that is exactly what the people are doing. People are starting businesses. The people are also writing lots of music. Then Americans┬┤ national identity was expressed through their music. with this sudden growth prosperity came an outburst of musical culture. Americans from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds started to create music expressing how they felt about things and how they struggled, also how the current political changes were affecting them. The african people made songs about how they were forced into slavery. The music They made express their pain and suffering and so jazz was born along with other jhonres.

Early American Art

With the new nation victory over the british inspired many artist that then created many good paintings and drawing all so called folk art Untrained artist created signs, murals ,and images of nation and iconic symbols like the American flag. the professional artist mostly made live portraits. Women would take old pieces of cloth or clothing and with thoughts they made quilts out of it. other kinds of art was that some traits portrayed more particular aspects of nature.

The Rise of American Literature

The rise of the Americans people came up with great story of the war and the adventure of pioneering. so great writing right now in Washington Irving, James fenimore cooper, davy Crockett, Henry Wadsworth longfellow these men are busy writing down amazing story they rely tell the story of an adventure there the untouched wilderness with lands of promised.

Early American Politics

American politics; The era of good feelings. The Economic Nationalism and the swelling of american spirit was shown in the proposals that the federal government is taking more active role in building the new american nation's economy. One of the leading supporters of such measure in congress was Henry clay of Kentucky. Clay believed that America future was reliant on capitalism, an economic witch let individuals and companies produce and distribute good of a profit. Henry clay's pane was called this the american system. This plain calls for taxes on imported goods to protect industry as well as federal spending on transportation projects like the the road and canal project

Thesis and conclusion

The American revolution ended. The new American people, with their new found pride, are writing songs about the new American identity and the era of good feeling that it brought with it, people are expressing there feelings through paintings and drawings. With the new nation that Americans founded came new responsibilities as well.

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