Customer Service Experience Zoe Jones

Customer service is how customers respond back to there service if it was good or back. To make customer service good it takes good teamwork and leadership to make the sevice good it also takes the customers cooperation.
I had bad customer service when I was on the phone with a college. Angelina and I had to call Gonzaga University in Spokane to ask them about a project we were doing. We had found out that they had a campaign called "ban the bottle" and we wanted to get information about it. We put the phone on speaker phone and called the number to there office. On the second call we finally got on the line with someone from Gonzaga and she was rude. She had an accent so we barely understood what she said an we kept having to repeat everything which was getting annoying. The person on the phone didn't even know what we were talking about and she kept saying random stuff that we weren't even talking about. We didn't call again and we decided not to get information from them. This was bad customer service.
I went to the Taver in Laclede and bought food there. I had great customer service because the waiter was very nice. My food was good and the waiter kept asking me if I needed anything. At the end before I left I got offered a job. I wouldn't have taken the job if not for the good customer service.

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