Cool Beans Organizational Apps By Roy Shaffer

Always getting bad grades in class, try the myHomework app.

MyHomework app is designed to assist you with homework by letting you know when an assignment is due. For example, when a test or quiz that is coming up it will warn you that you have to study or do your homework before it is due. But if you want the app to notify you, then you will have to go into the app and put when the assignment is due, what class etc. The app is pretty easy to use and it is free. Since 78% of teens check their phones at least hourly, you should be able to input your due dates into this app (

Have you ever had a time when you forget that a homework assignment is due tomorrow? Or forgot that there was a test next weekend and you didn't study and end up getting a bad grade? That is where Planner Pro comes in.

Planner Pro was designed to make life easier by being able to plan ahead on your mobile device that you carry around with everywhere you go. I personally recommend this app to you because you go anywhere in the week and plan anytime you want. You can even go ahead and plan months in advance. This app is very easy to use. All you have to do is tap on the app, once you get into it, you can see what is scheduled. There will also be a highlighted day of the month, that day is the present day of the month. You can go a month ahead or even more by just swiping to the left. This app is also free.

Have you ever wanted to learn something you never have before? Well if you do Tiny Cards is the app you want. Tiny Cards is completely free and fun. Tiny Cards is a game of flashcards that works better than normal flashcards in many ways.

Tiny Cards was designed to help you learn new stuff and review old stuff. In Tiny Cards you can tap on a subject that you would like to learn, (and trust me there are plenty of subjects to keep you busy all the time) when you tap on that subject it will take to a page where you can review the cards before it starts to quiz you. When it quizzes you it shows you 2 that usually have pictures in the front and a text in the back of the cards, (the back tells you about the picture.) Tiny Cards is a great app and I really do recommend it for people who like learning new stuff and the best part is, you get to have fun while doing it. You can also create your own deck of cards to study for any class you might have. Since 73% of American teens have access to a smartphone you should try this app (Pew Research Center).

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