Photojournalism Francisco Valdez


Take three unique pictures of three of my friends.The pictures are showing direction of light.

I believe my pictures could of came out better. I should of had more unique angles. Also the direction of light could of been better.


Taking pictures of eggs. The main concern is the direction of light on the egg.

My egg pictures are not bad. Maybe if i would of been more creative with them they would pop out more, but other than that they are good.


Take extra pictures of interesting things.

These pictures are very good in my opinion. The one in the middle is an altar for the day of the dead. The parrot ones also came out very well. The lighting on the last one i think was perfect.


Take pictures of flowers. Be aware of the background and cropping.

These flower picture came out pretty well. The only thing i would complain about would be the lighting.

Modes of Transportation

A variety of of viewpoints of at least three modes of my transportation.

Family Pictures

Portraits and pictures of family members.

Light Painting

3 Additional Pictures


Creative picture of my back

Black and White Pictures

5 and 1 Practice

The Final

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Francisco Valdez

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