Zero By Jovi Vespignani

How did Zero change over the course of the book?

Over the course of the book Zero changed from a quiet kid that nobody cared about to a strong and smart boy with a great friend.

My first piece of evidence is when Stanley first arrives at Camp Green Lake, Zero talks to him and everyone else is surprised that he got Zero to talk, '"You got Zero to talk, nobody ever gets Zero to talk." Said X-Ray to Stanley'(Sachar:1998)

Zero and Stanley became great friends

My second piece of evidence is when him and Stanley are walking towards the big thumb and he continued going after he threw up which shows he is strong, 'Zero made a horrible retching noise, bent over and threw up. He then straightened up and continued going.'(Sachar:1998). One more thing I can add is when Stanley is teaching him to read and write he picks it up fast and is quite good at it.

The big thumb (His and Stanley's goal)

Zero changes from a quiet boy that nobody acknowledges to a strong and smart kid that everybody sees. In my opinion Zero is a good kid he just doesn't know what to do sometimes, such as when he stole the shoes that got Stanley arrested.

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