Right to Life, Right to Voice Always respects others opinions

What is abortion? Abortion is a termination of a pregnancy. I believe certain circumstances are understandable for abortion.
Other options instead of abortion: adoption, birth-control, and actually just raising the baby you created . I personally believe other options depend on the situation.
Why a women should get an abortion: If they are sexually assaulted and the baby would just bring back a image of a horrible situation or the baby could cause many health problems especially putting your life at risk. Many individuals would disagree with my opinion but I see it as the most morally acceptable.
Pro-choice or Pro-life: You have to go into the sides themselves, and see that there are yes pro-life and pro-choice; but there are also people who are on the fence, or see it as morally wrong, but politically are for it. The fence between pro-life and pro-choice causes many problems politically and socially.
Women vs Babies rights: The baby has rights but so does the women: Many people look upon this issue as though when you get an abortion you are killing a beautiful life, but in reality the mom is more important because it is was her life and her body first.
Why is abortion acceptable in certain situations: Rebuttal Paragraph: I do not believe if you have a you should be able to aboard it because you do not have the money, you do not want the responsibility, or you are too young. I think the only acceptable way period is sexual assault or medical problems that put the mothers life in danger. These are acceptable because they are complex and could affect many others besides the mom or baby.
In conclusion, It is possible to ban abortions for the negative reasons but make it possible for the fair reasons.


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