Child Labor Ailton Palacios

Do you know what kids pass through during child labor? It has been around for many years however, this will all change when Craig Kielburger earns enough money to build schools so, kids can get an education.

Child labor is when kids have to work in order to feed their families or/and other reasons. First, they have to work in hazourdous conditions such as tobacco farms, agriculture, mining, and many other dangerous places. Next, they work as slaves because they have to do what their manager says. Finally, children are very small so, they could get hurt easily.

As a result of this, many kids got very sick. They caught diseases such as, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and many others. They also worked with needles that were used by drug addicts and doctors. If they got cut by one they would wash it out and the disease would remain their. This is what children had to go through daily.

Craig Kielburger travelled to India to see how they lived, and their working conditions. He was not happy so, he gave a speech and said that the number of children working is equal to the population in the United States. During his speech people interrupted him with applause and he earned $5,000 to his organization in donations. For example in the article it says that,"As the applause finally began to wane, a member of the OFL briefly grabbed the microphone to announce that the organization would be granting a surprise donation of $5,000 to Kielburger’s organization, Free the Children, for the purpose of building a rehabilitation center for child laborers in India." (Rysavy, 1). This is how he was an important person in child labor.

Craig Kielburger made a huge impact because he was part of the "Free the Children" organization which earned money to build schools. Evidence states, "Overseas, Free the Children has built more than 650 schools in nations such as Ecuador, India and Sierra Leone"(Rockel, 1). This was an impact because many children were denied an education so they had to work. With these schools children don't have to work.

In conclusion, these children have to wake up knowing that they have to go work in these very harsh conditions. It all changed because of Craig Kielburger.

These are some examples of what kids have to do.

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