Developing Digital Communication Skills The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Etiquette

A Definition of Digital Fluency

“A digitally fluent person can decide when to use specific digital technologies to achieve their desired outcome. They can articulate why the tools they are using will provide their desired outcome."

Remember when........

Consider the following questions as a class:

  1. How would you differentiate between “Formal” and “Informal” digital communication?
  2. What are some Formal types of Digital Communication? What are some informal types?
  3. When is email the best way to communicate? When might a face-to-face conversation be the better option?

Consider the following emails.

Note that these are REAL emails sent by CHS students to CHS teachers.

What elements could be improved that would enhance the reader's perception of the sender or their ability to interpret and respond positively to the message?

Consider watching the following video as a class.

What other suggestions might you include that are not mentioned in this video?

One Final Reminder

Practical Application of Learning:

1. "Best" Bad Email: You received a low grade on a test. Write an email to your teacher. As a class, discuss the qualities of the poorly written email, then revise the item, competing for the "Best" email that properly achieves the goal of the sender.

2. Letter of Recommendation Request: Write an email to your teacher requesting that they write a letter of recommendation for you. Discuss the qualities of a properly composed "Letter of Recommendation Request" as a class.

3. Mission Possible: Watch the video below and complete the assigned "Mission."

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