Architecture Joslyn Weber


First of all, I am absolutely obsessed with all of these! It was really hard to choose my top three which doesn’t happen very often. Usually I have a very easy time choosing because I only like so many of my photographs but I just had a ton of fun editing these and digging deeper into Lightroom. I found some new things to mess with and in the end it really put a whole new level on my edits.

When I first heard about this LAB I wasn’t very excited about it just because I have never really photographed architecture before so I really didn’t know what to photograph. But I just kept taking photos of what peaked my interest and hoped for the best when it came time to edit them. I had loads of fun while walking out and about though. I didn’t really know what to do also, as to if I should make my photos feel and look more natural or if I should play around and come up with something completely different. I ended up playing with lots of the coloring in the photos and even turning a lot black-and-white.

I ended up climbing a fire escape up to a roof which I do not regret at all because some of my favorite photos came out of it! I went out of my comfort zone, met some new people, and explored new things. At the end of the day I was happy and wasn’t scared of what would happen when it came time to look at all my photos. As long as I had fun taking photographs then that’s all I’ll need!

Top Three


Random Tomato Cans