USA vs Egypt By Reece

USA vs Egypt

Economic Information

US agriculture include wheat, corn, vegetables, fruits, and other grains. Egypt's agriculture includes cotton, rice, corn, wheat, and beans. The USA's top 5 industries are motor vehicles, steel, petroleum, aerospace, and telecommunication. Egypt's top 5 industries are textiles, food processing, tourism, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The USA's top 5 natural resources are coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, and phosphates. Egypt's top 5 resources are petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, and manganese. USA’s GDP is $7.95 Trillion, Egypt's GDP is 330.8 Billion.

US wheat farm

Geographical Information

USA’s climate is mostly temperate, Egypt’s climate is hot and is mostly desert. The lowest point in USA is -86m and the highest point is 6,990m. Some of the natural hazards in USA are forest fires, flooding, and mudslides in California. Some natural hazards are periodic drought, frequent earthquakes, and flash floods. Some of the current environment issues in USA is air pollution, large emitter of carbon dioxide, and limited natural freshwater. The current environment issues in Egypt are oil pollution is threatening coral reefs, rapid growth in population.

Social Information

The literacy rate is 99% in the USA. The literacy rate in Egypt is 65.4%. The USA’s languages are English, Spanish, European, Asian, and Pacific Island. Egypt's languages are Arabic, English and French. The life Expectancy in USA is 77.5 for men, 82.1 for woman, and the total is 79.8. The life expectancy in Egypt is 71.4 for men, 74.2 for woman, and 72.7 is the total.


The USA’s religions are Protestant, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, and other christian religions. Egypt only has 2 religions, 90% of them are Muslim, the other 10% is Christian.

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