Sky Rise By ben salazar

The Skyrise Challenge requires us to move our bots to pick up the blocks and move them into the tower. When a block is moved into the tower, you get s point. Whoever has most points at the end of the game wins. We must get some type of claw on your bot in order to win the challenge.

Rules-1. Can't block the middle zone. 2. Autonomous for 30 seconds. 3. Bot fighting is allowed. 4. Can't pin a bot against the wall 5. No excessive bot fighting 6. Different elevations of shelves are worth different amounts of points

We want a long arm with a claw on our bot to reach the top shelf. We also want a fast bot so we can use speed when carrying a block to get as much points as fast as possible.

After we have completed the challenge, we need to make the bot narrower, in order to do this, we must make the width of the bot shorter. We also must fix the controller so tat the controls are not reversed. We also must add a pusher to make the robot be able to do multiple things. We also have to add an automous program so that we can not be disqualified from the challenge.

Results: I learned that I can be impatient at times which leads me to get frustrated. I've learned that I need to keep working through the task when I am stuck. I learned that when I work with a team I tend to be in one of the lead roles. I need to learn to step back sometimes and let my teammates do the work. I learned that with the help of my teammates, our skills together are good. Sometimes we get frustrated, but once we get past that obstacle, we build great things and it turns out to work well too.

I think that I would change our bot to have the base of the clawbot because we didn't have enough time to build it off of the instructions. I would also change the fact that we didn't secure the claw to the bot good enough. If we did these things, I believe our bot would be the best and beat everyone in the competition.

Created By
Ben Salazar

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