Somethinginamerica by asad hussain

Summary- Somewhereinamerica is a song by the nineteen time Grammy award winning artist Jay Z. In this song Jay Z is representing how the black community in the "new" America is still depicted as a lower class in society compared to the average white male.

Theme- America is still what it was 50 years ago, a biased social organization that discriminates against the minority groups around them. Jay Z is attempting to bring the word out that racism is still alive in America, and that people need to wake up to do something about it.

Rhythm- The beat that Jay Z chose for this song was made too make the tone of the song more upbeat to engage the audience and bring more attention to the problem as well as to make audience listen too the song more.

Tone- The tone of the song was upbeat and very enjoyable to listen too, but Jay Z still expresses anger and empathetic emotions towards his race and everyone in it. Jay Z want's to show how the new America is still not what it can live up to be.

Diction- Diction was used well but not conveyed wisely as he uses words that are unnecessary at some points. Other than that there were uncommon words that express the anger Jay Z is feeling.

  • Literary Devices- Onomatopoeia- "Knock, Knock," "Snapped."
  • -Idiom, "putting work in"
  • Metaphor, "turn up your nose high to society."
  • Alteration- "ask B bun bout me"
  • These are all used too show how Jay Z makes his music different and inspiring using context from other parts of the world and the place he him self lives, America. This also brings out more emotion and connection to the Audience this is, because of the words he uses.

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