Sham el-Nessium By Caroline Hughes

This holiday takes place only in Egypt the day after Easter. Sham el-Nessium stands for "smell the breeze" This told them that they would have good health all year. So every year they would go out early in the moring after Easter and smell the breeze.
The Sham el-Nessium was somewhat realated to the Nile Festival because late in the afternoon all the people in the town would go down to the Nile River and celebrate Sham el-Nessium (good health all year) and they did the same thing for the Nile Festival except for a different reason.
This was the biggest festival in Egypt. Thet only thing that they didn't do was dress up, they just dressed normally. Everyone would have one big picnic and they would bring; salt fish, kidney beans, and green onions ( for good fortunte). They would make things out of there old clothes from the year before that they didn't wear anymore.
The importance of this holiday is pretty clear. Sham el-Nessium is important to egypianists because there is a legend about Egypt that gives them "bad fortune" and they say that this holiday gives them good luck and prevents anything bad happening.
Sham el-Nessium is a national holiday and people in the U.S. defently don't celebrate it as a group, maybe individually. We have a lot of different celebrations then Egypt. Egypt has a lot more festivals and they celebrate for a lot of little things too. We don't do that very much. The only thing that is sort of similar is that we have some of our celebrations for religion like they do.
Wilson, Susan L. Egypt. Milwaukee, WI: Gareth Stevens Pub., 1999. Print.


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