Classcity (STay classy)

Ours housing type is suburban houses and apartments.

The jobs that are available are teacher,president,business workers,doctors,dentist,guards,lifeguards,amusement park workers,food business workers,attorney.

Our population is 15,000 and each family gets 1 acre.

Our location is in New York and the climate is warm in the summer and spring and fall but it snows in the winter.

Our system of money is a classcity card and everyone has one with all of the money on the card.

Our transportation options are mo ped,flying car,car,and golf cart.

The government structure of our community is the president makes the laws and he/she is elected by all the adults in the community.

Our laws are enforced by the government and if you don't follow them you will get kicked out of the city. Our system of punishment is you get one chance if you do something bad and the second time you get kicked out.

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