Cyber Bullying is Wrong By: Nat, Hannah, jesse and jack b

Who is vulnerable to Cyber Bullying?

Anyone who has a social media account or an electronic device and people who have been previously bullied. People can be cyber bullied because of their personality, looks, race or religion.

What are the consequences of Cyber Bullying?

The consequences of Cyber Bullying are; Having a criminal record, being suspended or face expulsion, have your account terminated and the maximum penalty is 3 years in jail. With being cyber bullied the consequences are, anxiety, depression and possibly suicide.

How to deal with Cyber Bullying effectively:

To deal with cyber bulling you can; Print out the message/s so there is evidence, Block the user's account and most importantly tell someone so they know what is going on.

Photo credits go to Nat


Created by Jack B, Nat, Hannah and Jesse. Photo credits go to Nat

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