Need Help Searching For Some New Books? By: Katelyn S.

Are you interested in finding a book that speaks to you? A book that you are comfortable with, in your ideal book genre? You first can start off by thinking about the type of books you read or usually read. Do you read romance novels? Or maybe you like science fiction, maybe you read a lot of nonfiction books. Whatever it is find out, then go to a local book store by you or a library and ask about the genre. The worker will most likely help you find your section that has ton of choices to choose from. Another way to find your ideal book choice is to go online and look up websites that can help you find books you like.

Some different websites to help you find your ideal books are: GoodReads, LibraryThing, Bookish, Amazon and BookBub. There are many more websites but those are a few.

(Some Websites)

Maybe you don't have one book genre you like to read, if so that's okay! Not everyone has one genre they like to stay in. If you like to read a bit of everything, but you don't know what to read next, then ask a friend. Ask someone you know loves reading who can suggest a good book for you. Or maybe you can go to the book section in a store and browse through it. Buy whatever catches your eye! You could ask a teacher of yours and see what they suggest, if your not in school then ask a fellow co-worker. Don't be afraid to drop in a library and ask a librarian for any books.

Have you read a book that you just loved? The author created that book you read. Look up more books by the author, if you liked that book then you are sure enough going to like others.

5 Ways To Find A Book You Would Like:

Click the button down below. Watch the video down below to learn about the different book genres.

Books I Like:

  • The Short History Of The Girl Next Door (By:Jared Reck)
  • We All Looked Up (By:Tommy Wallach)
  • Thanks For The Trouble (By:Tommy Wallach)
  • That's Not What Happen (By:Kody Keplinger)
  • The Upside Down Of The Unrequited (By:Becky Albertalli)
  • Mosquitoland (By: David Arnold)
  • Eleanor & Park (By: Rainbow Rowell)
  • This Is Where It Ends (By:Marieke Nijkamp)
  • One Of Us Is Lying (By:Karen M. McManus)

I hope that I helped you find the books you like, or even made you inspired to go searching for a few! Check out all the great books I listed you won't regret it!


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