Mother Hicks and More

Alex Winning | December 11, 2018

On November 16th, 17th, and 18th, the Greenhills Theater Department put on its performances of the play Mother Hicks by Susan Zeder, which was directed by Emily Wilson-Tobin. Set in the Great Depression, Mother Hicks tells the story of an Illinois town that’s rumored to be haunted by Mother Hicks, a suspected witch, on whom the townspeople blame all of their sicknesses, deaths, and misfortune. Within that town is a young orphan called Girl, who constantly moves between foster families, and her friend Tuc, who is both deaf and mute, and who narrates the story through sign language. When Girl has an encounter with Mother Hicks, she becomes convinced that the mysterious woman is her long lost mother, and does what she can to meet her and find out the truth.

Sadie Marinaro ('20) and Melissa LoCicero ('20) star as Girl and Mother Hicks, respectively

The play had a very successful weekend, with both Friday and Saturday shows having nearly packed houses. The matinee show on Sunday was not quite as busy, but still brought in a solid turnout. If you happened to miss Mother Hicks, or you’re interested in seeing more Greenhills theater performances, there are still many opportunities. The middle school play, featuring two one-act shows by Oscar Wilde - The Importance of Being Earnest and Broken Hearts- will be on January 25th-27th. The upper school musical, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, will be on March 15th and 16th. The Voodoo Theatre Co. sketch comedy show and Senior Shakespeare performance will also be taking place some time in the spring.

Will Urquhart ('19) plays Tuc, a man both deaf and mute who narrates the story through sign language.

I attended the Sunday show, and I thought it was an impressive performance. The play was short and didn’t have a lot that stood out about it in the story, but all the actors performed their roles very well. This is only the beginning for the GH Theatre Department for the 2018-19 school year, but their performance of Mother Hicks has gotten them off to a very successful start.

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