A Final Reflection Three projects and many discussion posts later

Dear Professor Moody,

It is, of course, a joy to be completing this final assignment for your class, knowing that once again, I have made it through another semester and am one step closer to my overall goals. That being said, this semester has been one of my favorites as far as online classes go. Not to be cliche or anything, but this course covered a great deal of material and taught a lot to those who were willing to learn it.

The Difficult

There were challenges mixed in with the new ideas though. Personally, I found that incorporating quotes into my writings was the most challenging. Adding quotes to assignments has been a major part of pretty much every English class I've taken since the sixth grade, however it feels as though every teacher has a different way of making it work. Some teachers want them placed separately from the writing, only used to accentuate what was already being said. Others want them mixed in using the sandwich technique, making them almost blend completely in with the rest of the text. This class wanted both of these techniques and that was difficult to fit into the projects.

Alternatively, there were learning points that were less like challenges and more like tedious hoops that were necessary but exhausting. Incorporating the quotes was hard. Finding them was even harder. In the advocacy essay we were asked to compose, I chose to advocate for sidewalks in neighborhoods. Finding quotes to work with this claim was difficult, and the only one that truly added to the piece rather than simply reiterating everything was a joke. It was a good joke, and it fit well with the light-hearted nature I used to describe a serious subject. In all honesty, that quote didn't even come from research. It came from a friend.

It was all a game of strategy... and maybe a little guessing

The Bright Side

Of all of the things we have learned, I feel that I most need to work on my writing. The ideas are there, and the format is generally put together. The clarity is somewhat lacking though. My writing style has improved tremendously over the years, and I've gone from getting only C's and D's to getting consistent A's, however I'm not sure that I'm done improving just yet.

On the other hand, I feel that what I did best this year was less obvious. I learned. I took the information and applied it to the projects we were given, adapted to the new ideas and assignments and put my best work forward. Even if I wasn't entirely proud of the outcome, because it wasn't exactly the way it should be, I did everything that I could to get it there and make sure that the pieces I presented were my best quality pieces.

The True Moments of Reflection

There was one particular moment, though, where I felt that I truly got it right. The discussion post about our purpose in life was daunting to say the least. To many people, their purpose is extremely personal and is usually not something they can put into words. The writing that I put into that discussion post had my entire self in it, and I feel that there is no better writing technique than to find yourself in the process and let it show on the page.

This semester was riddled with several stressful situations outside of schoolwork. I have dealt with the death of a friend, adapting to a new lifestyle, working seven days a week, and rediscovering myself after I lost the dream that I had used to define me. Needless to say, the show must go on and I still had grades to maintain. Despite the pressure that I was put under I still put forward assignments that I know were the best I could do. This, to me, proved that I could trust in myself to get the job done.

I will carry much of this class with me throughout the rest of school and probably the future. The writing aspect of it was extraordinarily overlooked in my case, and I focused more on the technical aspects of the assignments. That being said, I am glad that I now know of several different online programs to write, how to turn a Word document into a PDF file, increased my typing speed from 112 words per minute to 121, and of course learned how to format a technology based article. I'm sure that all of these will help in the future.

The End

Overall, I'm happy to have made it through with my grades in a relatively good place, and to have learned so much. Thank you for your efforts and your time. I learned a lot from this class, and while much of it wasn't on the curriculum, I think that that is what truly makes an education worthwhile. There is no point in working through classes if you don't gain something within yourself as a result.


Brigid Mack

A final jump for joy, celebrating the end of a great semester


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