Abandoned Farmhouse Poem avahspencer/3

Communal was her middle name exclaimed the

phone lying on the side of the bed.Friends were her

foundation voiced the pair of wings near the polariods

of her and her friends.She captured memories with a

flash of a light says the empty polariod camera.

She try's to let the light shine in her life says the

open bible filled with notes near the twinkle lights.

Unlike her makeup,she determined what she

looked like says the bag full of makeup near

the mirror.

Fashion was one of the things she

possessed shouted the tree full of accessories near

the shopping bags.Unlike her heighth, she stood out

hugely says the marked heights in her pantry.

Being healthy was a must says

the empty water bottle near her bed.

Unlike her Nike shoes, she never takes off her

personality say the pairs of shoes by the wall. Her

days were a ticking stopwatch whispered

the untied volleyball shoes and knee pads

beside the door, on the couch.

Relaxation had a role in her life says the empty

starbucks cup next to her bed.Her crawl

space was her go-to place says the unmade bed near

the open binder and pen bag.She's

not afraid to draw outside the lines say the colored pens

in the bag she carries everywhere.

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