Cyberbullying Kylie Jenness

Cyberbullying is important because it is very hurtful to other people. Also, it makes people feel bad about themselves which then leads to bad consequences. Some people might think that it is fun to make fun of other people but it's not. All cyberbullying does is make people hate each other and also themselves.

People can find help at places like a health center and hotlines. Also, by telling other people and to make them stop. There are also people that can elp people that are getting cyberbullied.

In my opinion I think that cyberbullying is wrong. The reason why I think this is because it's not nice. Cyberbullying makes people feel like that their is no one there for them and they are alone in this world when there are a bunch of people for them. I think that a reason why people cyberbullying other people is because they were bullied in some way and they don't know how to to get help so they pick on other people.

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