The San Andreas fault it a dangerous fault. Some may wonder why it happened. First there were two plates. The Northwestward and the Pacific plates. When they collided they made a fault in western California. Also you may be asking why. Well the two plate a\had been moving towards one another for multiple years.

Some people how the San Andreas fault formed. two pacific plates (the pacific and the northwestward) collided. Also people might want to know where it happened. The San Andreas occurred. They had collided because they had been moving towards one another for multiple years. They had been causing earthquakes for a long time before they collided to make the San Andreas Fault. Finally when they collided they made the worlds most dangerous fault. This occurred because two massive plates (one being oceanic, the other being continental) collided. The San Andreas fault has “happened” in other places, meaning there are more than four other faults that has occurred on other places in the world, for instance.


Salzach-Ennstal-Mariazell-Puchberg Fault System (SEMP)



That is the world's biggest fault. The San Andreas fault is second for the world's largest fault.

The San Andreas fault erodes and recycles rocks and other minerals. It causes earthquakes that can destroy rocks into sediment. Is can also move roads, change the flow of rivers, or even move whole mountain ranges.

There are many ideas on how the San Andreas fault was made in the cetin area. The San Andreas fault was made in western california because two plates were already moving towards one another and they were planned to crash and make the fault. The San Andreas fault (SAF) was a huge rock recycler. It crushes rocks to sediment and sends it down to get heated and turned into lava which cools and turns back into rock. It has moved mountains, rivers and even roads.

By changing the paths of these roads and rivers people my become lost. Some have died by falling into rivers where earthquakes have shaken and broken bridges. But there's no need to fear we can calculate the things the damage will do. We have made special computers that can tell when one of the earthquakes will go off, but we can tell the time it will happen. Our computers are not advanced enough to tell when the earthquakes will trigger.

Now you know all about the SAF and you can tell others if they plan to travel through it or a just fascinated. Now you are a SAF expert, but don't end your study here. Continue to learn about the SAF.


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