Sub-Saharan Africa made by: Ben and Olivia Sams

Life Expectency

Out of all of the 31 countries that have the lowest life expectancy 28 of them are in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The main reason is HIV/AIDS.

The main way in Sub-Saharan Africa is subsistence farming and the way they have problems with making money is that because subsistence means they just make enough food or grow enough crops for just their family and that means they don't really sell any.

GDP per capita

Ways that countries with higher GDP per capitas have a better standard of living than countries with lower GDPs. One way is that they have better wealth and life expectancy, while the others are poor and they are starving and dying because of that. Another way is that they have better technology which gives them better medical health to deal with disesases and better education so they are smarter in the future. One other way is the country with more natural resources will have better GDP and the people in the lower countries will try to go live there where they have better standard of living.

Natural Resources

It would make some countries poor and others wealthier than them. People are going to live next to the natural resources. Unequal wealth and population. There will be wars over access to the resources. Corrupt government leaders (take bribes to let others no have access to them.

Democratic Republic of Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Armed Rebel groups take control of the mines to force people and children to fight in the militias. They force people to work in them basically as slaves. Then they bribe the government to keep them out of it. They sell the resources and buy more and better weapons.

Land Use

Land Use is used for,the main way people use the land in Sub Saharan Africa is Subsistence farming. It means that the farmers are focused on growing enough food for them and their families which might cause that in the winter they might not have extra and die from starvation and they can’t sell any because they grow just enough so they won’t have any money to buy food or to repay bills.

The three West African Kingdoms

The three West African Kingdoms were Ghana,Mali, and Songhai. They were in power between 800 CE and 1600 CE. The trade network was the gold trade. Salt and gold were traded and the West brought the gold and the North brought the salt.

Slaves on the Trans Saharan African Network

The Muslims traded for African slaves because according to their bible they could not enslave themselves. They used the slaves for milatary purposes so they could use them for battle. It was different because the Europeans were mean and beat them but the Muslims would let them have more freedom because they could have their own slaves and that they could be generals of militas.

King Mansa Musa and the Timbuktu

He was the king of Mali and is very rich despite his Kingdom taking control over the gold and salt trade plus where they found the gold. He went on his famous haji to Mecca and brought with him 80 camels carrying 300 lbs of gold each, he brought back with him Islam scholars and they studied mathematics,music,literature, and law. It was the center of Islamic learning.

Ibn Battuta: Explorer of Africa

Ibn was 21 when he made his first journey when he left home and headed toward Constanopiole,Morroco. He has traveled over Africa and Asia, which was 75,000 miles. Then, he traveled for 64 years. At the age of 64 he ended his travels in Fez,Morroco and dictated his memoir then he died.

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