Midterm Portfolio By: Austin lABRETONE

Describe: In this picture, someone is sitting in front of a window and a brick wall in a chair. They are on their phone and look tilted because the photo was taken at an angle. Where the window should has been replaced with a light blue painted wall and a few paint strokes added. Overall the picture is dark until you look at the window which is very vibrant in its colors.

Analyze: In this image there is a lot of evidence showing use of shadows, the image is dark and makes certain parts very hard to see, at the top, it is the opposite. At the top of the picture it is very bright and visible with light colors. There are also a excess of shapes like the triangle formed in the window on the right side. Inside the windows in the image there is a texture with the appearance of it being painted and not a picture at all.

Interpret: The meaning or feeling in this picture is to not be confined by whats around you and to not be scared by the outside world and to explore it instead of fearing it because you don't know whats out there. The shadow signifies that the person is "trapped" inside the walls because they won't explore what is outside their comfort zone.

Evaluate: I think the success in this picture comes from the creativity to only photoshop out the windows and replace them with something else and leave everything else in the picture alone. The angle of the picture and the focal point work together well with the angle of the photo and the dark to light from top to bottom.

Describe: This picture has hidden details such as a Mercedes in the bottom of the persons jacket, a camera on his left shoulder and a "Vans" logo on his other shoulder. Behind his head is a splatter of blue paint to give the photo a splash of color.

Analyze: In this photo, there is a great use of layers between the Mercedes and the splatter of blue paint. The focal point of the picture is the persons head because of the blue splatter drawing the viewers eye. There is only a white background so the viewer can focus on the closer details.

Interpret: The meaning of this image is to tell the viewer to be themselves and to do what they love. It shows everything this person enjoys and how he can be himself without feeling bad about it just the same way everyone should be.

Evaluate: Overall the picture is put together well and has many elements. All these combined go together to create an overall attractive image and get the viewers attention. All these layers and added elements like the "Vans" logo or the camera add different layers and depth to the image.

Describe: In this image a monster is far back in the image and a person is peering around the corner to see it. The picture is in black and white and the monster is 3D and appears to be coming off the picture. The monster is also much taller than everything else in the picture which fills it completely.

Analyze: In this photo there is a large use of layers and black and white that creates shadows. The shadows help make the monster appear to be dark and scary. The monster out sizes the rest of the picture to make the person and everything around it seem small.

Interpret: The image is saying that no issue can be too big. It shows that no matter how big the obstacle is you can over come it and should be fearless in the face of adversity.

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