Good Life Nature Activity Daniela De Armas

Nature on Display

This particular part of the exhibit was interesting to me because it allows one to sit, relax, and breathe taking in all the beauty in nature. When entering into the garden, we are entering their space. Thus, taking time out of our lives to appreciate nature is done really rarely which makes this feel so much more rewarding.

Nature and Ethics

This picture could easily be compared to the thoughts of Leopold because it represents a group of people taking time out of their day to go appreciate nature and all the elements earth embodies. We are allowing ourselves to feel a deeper connection to the world by immersing ourselves into their environment. Here you can clearly see many different people of all ages, sexes, and races "loving, respecting, admir[ing]" the land. (Permission given to be photographed.)

Nature and the Human Spirit

Behind me is the dinosaur exhibit which allows the visitors to step back into a time before us. This is similar to Heschel's beliefs because we are remembered of the specialty of evolution when entering this exhibit. We step out of our lives when at the exhibit to realize that things are still going to change because that is what time does. Time allows things to change, and with due time, things will change.
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