Cinematography By: Bernard Polaha ;)

Not until recently I've decided what I want to do when i grow up; a film maker. Lately I've started to watch Youtube videos by Casey Neistat who is a film maker himself. It was clearer to me that film making is what i want to do. The movies Casey has made really interested me and made me want to make my own. I plan on buying a new camera and asking my friend Luke to help me make one.

Cinematography is the art of making films which has interested my whole life. However no until recently have i decided to pursue this interest of film making. I don't know why I haven't done anything to feed my interest of film making in the past however now i plan on buying a new camera to make a short film with my friend Luke. In addition after a few try's of making film making maybe we could enter it into a film festival.

Cameras are a big part of making a movie. if their were no cameras their be no movie. I personally dont have a camera yet. I plan on buying one to make a movie soon/

The angle you take the film means a lot. this can make the movie great or bad. thee shot also has to be good quality to be even consider a decent movie. Many people believe that a bad angle may make the entire movie bad. jk thats not true.

Actors are great for a movie. They are pretty much what makes the movie good or not cause their telling the story. I personally don't want to be an actor however i'd like to be the behind the camera.


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