Joe and Susie's Wild Adventure By: Dr. Chrisman

Everything was hectic! It all has to do with a forest fire, fuzzy slippers, and a floating buoy.

Here is what they were going to do today: First, Joe and Susie would eat; second, they would head to the hotel; and third, they would going to go swimming.

A smart, knowledgeable person would know that their plan wouldn't work.

No, there was no backup plan.

Through the winding roads next to the forest, Joe and Susie arrived at the cabin.

When the animals heard the engine, they dispersed.

Joe and Susie, after sitting in the car for hours, finally got to rest.

"Joe, look at that lake!"

Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, is huge!

Joe said, “That lake looks amazing!”

“There seems to be smoke coming from the forest, or maybe it's just my imagination,” Susie said.

The forest, which was 150 years old, had caught in fire.

On August 16, 2016, Susie pushed Joe into the lake to save him. Joe had grabbed onto a floating buoy to keep himself afloat.

Green Bay, Wisconsin is a crazy place.

“Dear Joe, sorry I pushed you into the water even though we were in no immediate danger,” Susie wrote in a letter.

On the river, buoys sat still watching the fire.

Created By
Hunter Chrisman


Created with images by HighTechDad - "Fuzzy pink slippers - our dog thinks they're chew toys" • tpsdave - "log cabin cottage house" • DariuszSankowski - "old retro antique" • miradeshazer - "paper pen notebook" • Sharon Mollerus - "Winding Road, Mendocino" • Peter23394 - "Animals (263)" • Richard Walker Photography - "A Dog's Life" • lizzyliz - "gull flight flying" • marchinileo0 - "milwaukee museum wisconsin" • Archbob - "sunrise lake water" • Joe Le Merou - "Smoke" • Ylvers - "styggkärret reserve burning" • PublicDomainPictures - "buoy island float" • Phil Roeder - "Packers vs Jets" • Lizbeth*King - "letter" • piper60 - "sand footprint water" By: Ya' boi Hunter C.

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