the great abolishnests of the civil war by Cassidy sandlin

the civil war was the bloodiest time in amercan history peaple were getting shot evrey minit ensted of evrey day peaplee were also getting capurd and hung for there beliefs

Harriet Tubman was a role model for young people to persevere and never give up. and allways try

slavery was horible during this time plantstion owners thot that slaves were the best workers for plantations


in 1865 Lincoln not only signed the emancipation proclamation but was assassinated by John Wilkes booth in the theater.

John Brown was assassinated in 1865 for speaking on slavery.


Created with images by spencer - "battle canada war" • Mad House Photography - "shotgun on deck" • TradingCardsNPS - "Harriet Tubman “The Moses of Her People”" • KlausHausmann - "handcuffs caught crime" • skeeze - "president abraham lincoln man" • Tony Fischer Photography - "John Brown (1800 - 1859) Photo With Secrets (and 3 other photos)"

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