Movie/Book Lovers Convention Created by: Jacob B, Zach B, Seraj A


We are going to hold an event that brings movie watchers and book readers together, and allow them to branch out and experience new things. We will have the book readers group watch movies based on their favorite books, and the movie watchers will read books based on their favorite movies. We think this might end some of the so-called “rivalries” between the two groups, and maybe it can begin some friendships.

Bringing them Together

A book lover is a person who loves books and/or prefers books over movies, and movie lovers prefer movies over books. Book lovers prefer books over movies because a book has more detail, and movies sometimes don’t include all of the story’s elements. Movie lovers enjoy movies because they can kick back and relax while the movie plays.


Article 1: MacDonald, Heather. “Schools and Businesses Should Promote Diversity.” Race Relations: Opposing Diversity, 2002, pp. 23-24.

Article 2: Henderson, Tim. “Refugees can be an economic engine for small communities.” Stateline, 5 Aug. 2016, pp. 3-6.


This might be hard due to the fact that there will be many people watching different movies and books. Also it takes a lot of time to watch a movie or read a book.


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